Service is a website where artists can offer their services in exchange for money or other type of reward. They can fashion a type of service that would embrace their specific skills, unique experience, knowledge and attitude, and offer it to someone who is ready to really appreciate it. It may be nail design or make up in a unique painterly manner, a cleaning service from an artist who designed her special archival approach, a body-oriented therapy session from a performer who understands secret language of body, or an embroidery lesson from an artist who knows how to make you embrace the vanity of existence. Everyone has something precious to offer, that is not classified in a standard market service list, but that can be really helpful and needed to someone.

All services listed on the web site are unique as unique are the people who propose them. The services cannot be modified upon the demand of the customer, only enjoyed as it is. – Just as the works of art, which they are.

The project is aimed to remove contempt from service activity as something inferior. Yes, it is often exploitative, but we want to redesign it to a space where we can share love, helping each other with our unique and precious existential skills and talents in exchange for tangible gratitude. After all, serving the good of the people is an old dream of art. Why not try to fulfill it in a way that would help the artist to survive.

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